What to do when pregnant woman having a cold

During the pregnancy, Pregnant woman’s immure system is relatively low, as a result they can easily catch a cold. Since a worry of the medicine may be harmful to the embryo, some pregnant women have no idea of how to handle such situation.

Generally speaking, if a pregnant woman is having a light common cold, such as a light degree of cough, sneezes, or runny nose. There is no need to require special of medical treatment. The symptom can get better by more rest, drink more water, or take some safe herbal Patent medicine, such as Yin Qiao, Isatis root tea. In case a cold not getting well for days, continue to cough, suppress chest, having a fever, then you should go to hospital without delay.

When Pregnant women have a cold with a fever, they should avoid taking the aspirin. It may damage the embryo's skeleton, blood vessel, kidney deformity. Also, it may cause a prolong pregnancy, immature birth, bleeding in the eyes, urine and skin. Try to avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medicine on you own, seeing your family doctor is the best advise.