Tea Tea

Boiling a tea, is some how, a specific event, where you need to take great care in the preparation. When preparing a concoction, herbs are place into a tea pot,which is preferably made of a material that can not be chemically unstable property(such iron or copper pot, never aluminum pot). Therefore when you boil tea, you use the chemically comparative stable (traditionally we use an earthenware, or an ename) material-pots. After you get the right pot, you first use clean water and than poured it in and than submerge all the herbs in as well and than soak for one hour. Place the pot on a fire, first put the flame on high untill it starts to boil, and then put it to a simmer. How long shall it be boiled for? and how much water is needed for it? Usually your herbalist should tell you before you use it. But here is a General rule: Tonics should be boiled with more water and on a slow fire for a longer boiling time( like one and a half hour). For example: ginseng tea, deer antler tea. However a detoxing tea should not be boiled for more than a hour, because detoxing tea most likely, contains leaves and flowers, so 40 minutes of boiling will be enough . In addition, aromatic ingredients found in some teas should not be boiled more than 5- 10 minutes, because it will make volatile active molecules evaporate, such are peppermint, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum. Diaphoretics and antipyretics should be boiled in a small amount of water and with a high temperature for a short boiling time. Other herbs should be dealt with individually because of their particular characteristics to guarantee the quality of the process and increase the therapeutic effects of the herbs. Some minerals or shells are so solid that their active compositions would hardly be extracted of its potency, so it should be to be boiled for 20 minutes prior to rest of other herbs. Such as gypsum, oyster shell, shell of abalone, or tortoise plastron.

Of cause, boiling tea was an art of entertainment, but it evolved into a daily routine, however you may like to simplify the process and leave such an art to your knowledge,and give up such labor to somebody else.In this case scientific exacting process for exactly was made for the best result, and for working people,No matter how you boil the herb, by using the real thing or if you use concentrated herb, you can always try to drink the tea with a lukewarm temperature.


Lin's Sister is pleased to introduce anew line of powdered herbal extracts. With powdered extracts, the preparation of herbal medicine is made easy. The customer no longer needs to boil herbs for an hour. We offer more than 400 herbs in single herb packets. They are manufactured in GMP certified factories and are fully tested for Lin's Sister by the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our powdered herbal extracts have a potency ratio of at least 5:1 compared to raw herbs, and they are independently certified to be hygienic and free of sulfur, chlorine, sugar, heavy metals and preservatives.

Our work with extracts of traditional Chinese herbs has always been guided by a strong sense of respect for the practical effectiveness of Chinese medicine, and an inspiration to uphold historic standards of excellence in modern times. It is a great concern of ours that in the extracting process some of the superior qualities of TCM herbs might be lost, and testing has showed that our products fully address this concern. When manufacturing our extracts, each herb is design from a different method of processing. Some products require that volatile oils be preserved at the beginning of the extracting process and reintroduced at the end of the process. The most advance technologies is apply into the process (such is the dynamic extraction, instant phase drying) to preserve the original qualities. While we generally strive to extract multiple components from each herb, another advantage of the extracting process is that in some instances it is possible to reduce naturally occurring toxic elements while preserving the desired healing qualities of certain herbs. The entire manufacturing process involves close monitoring of many parameters, including hydration levels, solubility, dosing limit control, product temperature, duration of boiling time, fineness of powder, pH values, and moisture preferences for each product. Our brand has set out most strict standard that certifies the consistence levels of active ingredients. (Identify by thin layer scanning addition to a serial of physical and chemical indertification standard).

While we continue to work with raw herbs in the traditional way, we feel that modern technology presents us with the opportunity to work with concentrated extracts of higher quality and greater reliability than ever before. Each herb is packaged individually, so that we may continue the tradition of blending herbs according to each person's prescription.


So if your have no time to boil the herbs, you can ask for the new concentrated packages whe n you come to see your herbalist.