Identify person's appearance is one of the herbalist's diagnosis method.
Chinese herbalist believed person's lip tells a story of people's health information, although it is secondary information, but it is a useful guideline to know more about our self, so we can chose food supplement to correctly subduce the problem before we very needs a doctor.
a healthy person's lip is ruddy , appropriate moist, it mean a heath of intestines and stomachs system..
Upward the lip is shriveled with color dark reddens, is showing a large intestine pathological changes, may had tight shoulder, also symptom such as the bad breath, mouthful rash , and rough throat or the ear and nose are blocked up.
The upper lip is pale with litter greenish color, showing the large intestine is week and cold , symptoms such as the has loose bowels, gas , stomach angina, shivers all over between cold and heat.
The deep red appears at the lower lip , for the stomach is hot , and to see the stomachache and the heavy body, hiccups and abdominal fullness.
It is pale color appears at the lower lip, showing the stomach is cold, symptoms such as can appear the to vomit and diarrhea, stomach .
The purple deep red inside the lip, may showing the irascible temper, pain on the rip reign, loose appetite.
Yellow color appears at inside the lip, having a hepatitis sign , as if dim muddy , the gall balder is certainly not so good
Lip color is red as fire with feverish , the internal heat is prosperous , and the respiratory tract may have the inflammation.
Lip color dark black and muddy , the digestive system loose its imbalance , sometimes it is a sign of the constipation , diarrhea , headache , insomnia and having no appetite.
lip see the white color, it is a characteristic of blood deficiency , poor blood circulation, feel cool or turns blue on hands and foot in winter.
Two lips becomes yellowish try, and the spleen's secretion stanated, so reduce the normal function of immunity system , and receives infection easily
The lip is in purple color, and this is the sign that the organism is short of oxygen or drug poisoning. It is usually company with light greenish blue complexion, and chest has the thorn ache , and it is short of breath with flustered.
The lip chap is a mouthful lip has appeared the crack or splits the ditch , is that riboflavin ( vitamin B2 ) short of and it is the Chinese herbalist saying " deficiency of yin fire, or meaning that it is the time your system need a tone up!
As I said in the begging, lip color tells a story, but can not be a primary diagnosis method, and it should be combine with pulse reading to determine the true story of your body system.