The chrysanthemum fully blooms in every August, giving a charming color and glamour shapes to the nature. The chrysanthemum also has the medicinal excellence as an health value. Below we list several things you can do with chrysanthemum flower.
£†: By makiChrysanthemum tea ng a hot tea with the fresh chrysanthemum flower, you can smell the fragrance of the tea to awake up from over drinking and headaches. The tea will moisten your throat, clear your eyes, relief form the summer heat, and promotes the secretion of saliva.
Chrysanthemum wine: It Adds a appropriated amount of chryanthemum flower and rice wine (1:20). Ancient people gave it a name, " long life wine. " The chrysanthemum wine taste is cool, refreshing, sweet, it also is a benefit to the liver, and it clarifies eyes and brain, and postpones becoming old and feeble.
£†£†Chrysanthemum soup : Ingredient: both lotus seed , Chinese tremella 60 grams, chrysanthemum flower 40 grams. Boil the lotus seed(soak before use) and tremella for one hour and put the Chinese tremella (soak before use) in for two hour, than add chrysanthemum (soak before use), boil for 15 minute, finally put a little crystal sugar inside the soup, and this combination is very good as dessert, which can reduce the heat, nourishing the internal organs, and is helpful for dizziness and high blood pressure.
£†Chrysanthemum pillow : Drying chrysanthemum in the shade, and than putting it into a pillow, will create medicinal value to help for hypertension, dizziness, insomnia, and eye weakness.
£†chrysanthemum knee-pad : Ground (pounds) chrysanthemum and artemisia leaf (1:1) to fine pieces, and than put it into a cotton bag than place into the kneepad. It is dispel the wind-dampness, to relieve the pain and swelling. It is use for the arthritis.