The Artemisia

The Artemisia Leaf ("doctor's grass") is the herb used in moxibustion because it is believed to emit yang energy when burnt. Since ancient times, it has been used to disinfect the air to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In hospitals and patient treatment centers in the olden times, artemisia leaf would be placed in all four corners of the room and burnt to keep the treatment area sterile.

Another important attribute artemisia leaf (Ai Ye) is its proclivity towards and ability to penetrate moisture. In ancient times, the Chinese army would use this knowledge to find underground springs during times of war where constant movement made ready sources of water unavailable. The soldiers would burn Argy Wormwood and watch where the smoke would settle. Wherever the smoke accumulated, that is where they would dig a well for water. Chinese medicine also takes advantage of this special property to help dispel dampness from the body. Herbalists associate dampness with decay and toxin retention because it is extremely conducive to fungi-growth.

The effects of acupuncture and moxibustion are unique to other forms of treatment (i.e. intake of medication) in that they do not add any additional elements into the body. Instead, it simply readjusts the body's natural mechanisms to effectively raise its functioning abilities. In this respect, acupuncture and moxibustion are the purest and most natural forms of treatment because they do not introduce foreign elements into the body. In addition, because acupuncture and moxibustion improves the body's functioning, it may also increase the efficacy of herbal treatment to allow the body to better use the raw materials provided by the herbs. For example, a person may be taking herbs to build stronger blood, but if the body cannot even make blood cells effectively, the extra raw materials provided will be of no use.

Moxibustion works well because it allows the body to absorb the energy emitted by the Argy Wormwood leaf. Holding the moxi stick over the acupuncture points, the body is able to absorb, store and slowly release the energy into the body. From this, YOUTH WILL NOT BE OLD.
Japan ancestry, a long life old man proved exactly with handed down from ancestors moxibustion method, moxibuste s36 point very day, than was enjoy three yuan of longevity ( a yuan 60 years , three yuan 180 years ). Thus it can be seen the moxibustion can be supply the energy through acupuncture point, invigorating the collateral channels and expel the evil factor and stagnation, so the blood circulate smoothly and prosperous. So why not to try burn the argy wormwood at least once and see the difference.