How to approach health?

Western medicine and Eastern medicine are in a very different perspective. Western medicine has been reactive, rather than proactive. Symptoms and science have been the drivers. Western medicine tests and dissects to determine what is not working in the body and attempts to introduce external, often synthetic, chemical compounds to compensate. TCM, on the other hand, asks why the body is not functioning properly and attempts to use individualized organic herbal formulas to rejuvenate and restore the body to its natural state. For example,Westerners determined that people with infertility was lack of hormonal substance. So they created an industry to allow the hormone substance to externally monitor and regulate this function by testing their blood and injecting themselves with manufactured hormone. TCM instead focuses its treatment on restoring the natural balance and functionality of each person's organs, or TCM, more specifically, focus the ability to regulate the amount of hormone within their bodies own production, instead of giving what is lacking, to encourage body's CPU restore its function with adrenal glands. TCM is a natural science that offers many advantages and can be used safely on its own or as a complement to Western pharmaceuticals.

TCM has a long history. In remote antiquity, Chinese ancestors created primitive medicine during their struggles against nature. While searching for food they found that some foods had the specific property of relieving or eliminating certain diseases. For 2000 years of long term medical experience, ancient herbal doctors purposely applied ancient materialistic dialectical viewpoints, such as the theory of vital essence and qi, yin and yang theory, the five elements theory, and six kinds of climatic factors. This application transformed scattered and fragmented medical experience into a systematic and complete system. This change was gradually done through inducing, summarizing, analyzing and synthesizing the experience, which resulted in heightening the empirical knowledge to theories. As a result, there a very Few, often no side-effects.
Beside the long history of experiment, the principles of Chinese medicine do not have to await the arrival of illness, to Rejuvenates the body's organs so to Revitalizes the body's natural immune system. or to correct symptoms at their root causes. Indeed, prevention and cure are not simply good practices in
health care system-there is no other way that such a system could be better introduce.