Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid

Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dietary supplement that people with normal health can take on a regular basis as a preventive health measure. It was researched and developed at Beijing University; it is manufactured by the Beijing #4 Herb Factory. Using modern techniques that ensure each batch is hygienically extract and highest quality of Concentration.
According to the concepts of TCM, the kidney system plays a very important role in the human body, similar to the importance of roots to a tree. In contrast to modern medicine, where the functions of body parts are closely related to their structures, in TCM bodily functions were never pinned to underlying a physical structure. The kidney system is responsible for storing very important energies and for being the root of both yin and yang, as well as various other functions. Cistanche was discovered as being the most beneficial for the kidney system's yin and yang. Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid is to warm the kidneys and supplement kidney vacuity, as well as regulating yin and yang. More specifically it replenishes essence and boosts marrow, supplements kidney yin, secures kidney yang, energize the kidneys system and sexual organ, rectifies qi and frees the vessels. Practitioners of TCM are encouraged to review the ingredients to determine this product is best of combining balancing, tonicfying, and to amending person's kidney system.

Beyond discovering how Cistanche and other ingredients affected human, TCM practitioners also observed how the various ingredients in the Chinese pharmacopoeia worked in combination. When formulating Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid, the researchers at Beijing University started with a timed-tested TCM formula and then finely tuned the process for manufacturing an easy to take oral liquid. The resulting product can be helpful for some people with the following health concerns: Coping with the physical effects of excessive mental exhaustion and general fatigue; promoting health and longevity in people with normal health; boosting immunal response to prevent colds; According to TCM, aging is attributable to aging of the kidney, and the myriad complaints that come with aging can be assuaged by keeping the kidney strong. Thus, Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid can also be helpful for people with concerns such as; Frequent urination; cold hands and feet, impotence. The kidney is also considered to be very important to good gynecological health, so this product may be helpful for some women with health concerns such as; Irregular menstruation; infertility. While it is very safe and useful when taken in the manner intended, everyone is encourage to consult a qualified practitioner of TM before taking Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid and other products like it.

Qi Zhi Ling Oral Drink

Qi Zhi Ling Oral Liquid According to modern medicine, Energy and mental capacity are directly related to the health of the brain. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), however, from ancient times has perceived energy and mental capacity as aspects of heart functions. Recently a TCM hospital in China has started manufacturing an oral liquid that has been clinically observed to enhance energy mental capacity. The ingredients used are all organically raised in the Chang Bai Mountains, which is widely recognized in China for being a fertile land that yields superior herbal ingredients. The formula has been used since ancient times and has been historically tested for efficacy in balancing the heart channel to quiet and empower the spirit, nourish the heart and enrich the liver and kidneys, thereby enhancing clear thought processes. The manufacturing employs modern procedures and technologies that ensure uniform high quality and purity. Four major hospitals in China did a formal research project into Qi Zhi Ling Oral Liquid. In their study, they selected 470 patients who were diagnosed within the patterns of TCM as having: 1. liver and kidney depletion and vacuity (which means general fatigue associated with nervousness, insomnia, and agitation), 2. insufficiency of heart qi, (as seen in people with depression, drug withdraw symptom, dulled intellect) and 3. Phlegm and turbid obstructing the portals (i.e., obscured intellect that comes and goes, such as senility, attention deficit disorder, and even brain damage from pollutants such as carbon monoxide). All 470 people used only this product, taking two vials per day, for a period of one month. The results were outstanding: Apparently over 97 percent of the people in the study benefited from taking this product. In the study done in China, and in our observations here, Qi Zhi Ling Oral Liquid has been observed to benefit people with problems such as mild brain damage, Alzheimer's disease, insomnia and amnesia. It has helped children be more focused and calm in school; it has improved memory and recall in the aged, as well as in middle aged office workers; it has made people who easily get burned out just feel good. Please note that in the study done in China, the participants took Qi Zhi Ling for one month., that is about the time frame that one should plan in order for it to be effective. Based on the historical experience of TCM, the ingredients chosen have a special synergy for resolving the roots of poor memory and energy burnout. Because Qi Zhi Ling works like a diet supplement, Sometimes , it takes a good period of time to do this effectively. While this product is safe to use, has no toxic side effects with long-term usage and has wide applications, we advise that it be taken only under the guidance of a qualified practitioner of TCM who can recommend alternative products or therapies when a patient's condition so warrants. This product has not been reviewed or approved by the United States FDA. It is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.