Yin and Yang-food balance

Yin and Yang is everywhere, according to the Chinese, the principle of yin and yang is the basis of the entire universe. Heaven was created by an accumulation of Yang; the Earth was created by an accumulation of Yin. Water and fire are the two obvious symbols of Yin and Yang and the beginning of everything of yin yang relation. The knowledge of Yin and Yang is the basis for guiding use of the herbs and philosophy of herbology or the way we looking into health problems. The ultimate function of yin & yang principle is to create a balanced condition within our body, where both the Yin and Yang energies are in free flowing abundance and are interacting harmoniously. A formula is composed of many different herbs combined to achieved a yin and yang balanced condition. Specific herbs may be added so that the effects lift up a specifically weak areas.

Yin & Yang principle guiding us how to tonic our system. When energy is low , we don't hurry to find herb tonic to boost , we should find out what imbalances the situation. So Yin tonics and Yang tonics are often used accordingly to whats imbalanced. Yang tonics tonify the Yang structures and functions of the body. Yang tonics are of vast importance in the tonic herbal system because they can provide dynamic energy to the body, which increases the life of driving force. Yin tonics provide the essential materiel of the body and are most influential over the body fluids and moist tissues,like the gasoline to a motor vehicle. Or you can picture it as the blood plasma, spinal fluid, semen, tears, sweat, saliva, urine, lymph, etc. Yin tonics are generally sweet and cold.

Yin & Yang principles also guide us to how to choose the diet program. When we see evidence of fever,red,excessive heat, we see evidence of excessive yang energy.So we need to balance with yin energy,generly it would be the cooling (yin) food.Therefor,when someone has hypertension, he should avoid the hot spicy food (Yang) and we avoid to have hot yang tonic.By the idea of yin and yang system, we catogory our food into four type listed below, so we can use them wisely:

Yin and Natural food

Pea, peach, soy bean, peanut, pigeon, string bean, plum, rice porridge, carrot, potato, cauliflower, cherry, hen, raisin, black date, white sesame, apple, egg, lotus seed, Chinese wolf berry, sunflower seed , white mulberry fruit, gingko, spinach, guava , yellow bean sprout, honey, green bean, wheat sprout , lily, loquat , tomato, wheat, Chinese yam, mushroom, olive, sea cucumber, ice cream

Yin and Cold food

Banana, green bean, mung, cabbage, clams, cogongrass root , crab, cucumber, tofu, sea weed, soy bean, frog , fungus, hawthorn, kelp, milk, pear, peppermint,shirmp,snail (fresh water),soda water (7up), winter mealon, watermelon

Yin and Cool Food

almond, bamboo shoot,barley, cabbage, celery, coconut, chrysanthemum corn, curd, cried-bean, duck, eel, miller,orange, oyster,persimmon salt, sea cucumber,seaweed ,sorghum, husked,watermelon,eggplant ,fish(including jellyfish) grape,beer,coke, chinese white carrot, green tea, sugar cane

Yang and Hot Food

black chicken, rooster, liquor, chili, chocolate, coffee, curry, goat, snake, macrostem onion,lamb,lard, lichee, longan, mango mustard noodle (fried), cinnamon onion , peanut (fried), hot pepper, prickly ash, whisky, alcoho, fennel fruit,saffflower

Yang and Warm Food

abalone,aniseed ,beef , brown sugar,cheese,chestnut,chive,chocolate milk,coriander crust rice,flour,garlic, ginger, goose,ham, leek , pomegranate, rabbit, sausage,shallot tangerine, turkey,walnut, wheat (fresh),wine, grape, milk, rice, oyster, red tea , black sesame, butter, lotus, gan lan(olive),peanut dam pumpkin, eggplant, pineapple, cold drink, mango, water chestnut