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Do you smoke or overindulge with food and drink? Clean Habits Instant Beverage is a safe, naturally good-tasting herbal tea for after celebrations or anytime. You can enjoy it daily in juice to refresh body and mind. The all natural ingredients are safe, effective, cleansing herbs completely wihtout caffeine. It is wise to increase your liquid intake while preventing glemishes, hangover, and addictions. Clean Habits is a satisfying way to do this.

Ingredients: gentian, skullcap, gardenia buds, isatis root, red poria, and licorice root.

Preparation: Pour one cup of boiling water over the contents of one packet or dissolve one packet in a glass of juice. For stronger flavor and effects use two packets.

Directions: When you get blemishes, headaches or upset from bad habits, drink up to three packets of Clean Habits daily with or between meals. Enjoy a pleasing beverage to make a new you!

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Yin/Yang Sisters invites you into your own secret garden with a delicious flower tea. Dates, licorice, roses,and gardenia welcome you to quiet contentment. People who are upset or women with menopausal discomforts are turning more adn more to pleasant-tasting natural teas. It is wise to increase liquid intake during times of stress in order to help the body adn mind to regain balance. Happy Garden Tea is a safe, time-honored way to calm worries and cares. Enjoy it warm or chilled.

Ingredients: bupleurum, mimosa flower,wild jujube date, tender wheat sprout, licorice root, roses, adn gardenia buds.

Preparation: Pour one cup of boiling water over the contents of one packet or dissolve three to five packets in a pitcher of hot or cold water. Sweeten to taste.

Directions: Anytime you feel anxious or depressed, sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and enjoy a comforting cup of Happy Garden Tea. Nature's beautiful garden is inside you.

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Sinus allergies, chronic congestion adn post nasal drip can make life miserable. Breathe Free helps clear your senses so you can enjoy life. It is safe, effective tea mild enough for daily use between meals. It is wise to increase liquid intake when naturally cleansing the body. Breathe Free is a pleasant way to do this. Breathe Free can be combined with an anti-mucus diet low in dairy foods with sweets. For a refreshing lift, you can drink a cup of Breathe Free as a hot tea or add a packet to boiling water in order to inhale the steam. Deeper breath increases oxygen intake, which improves energy and memory.

Ingredients: magnolia flower, xanthium fruit, skullcap herb, dahurien angelica, and siler root (Ledebouriella seslodies).

Preparation: Pour one cup of boiling water over the contents of one packet for a cup of tea or dissolve three packets per 10 ounces of boiling water for inhalation.

Directions: Breathe Free makes a satisfying addiction to any health adn fitness regime. For better breathing and concentratin, drink one to three cups daily between meals. You can also inhale Breathe Free as an herbal steam to refresh your senses.

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Yin & Yang Sister introduces a revolutionary way to energize and build strength.Using top-quality organic herbs recommended to prevent fatigue and illness and increase endurance,Adapto-Gin gives you a power-packed energy boost.Adaptogenic herbs help prevent burnout from stress,athletic and scholastic competition, and temperature extremes from inclement weather.Drink Adapto-Gin daily in tea,juice or make an herbal extract by steeping it in your favorite 35 proof. Feel the difference !
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No one can afford to lose time from work or play. Flu Away! keeps you and your entire family cool and comfortable during cold and flu season. Powerful Chinese herbs traditionally used for fever, upset stomach and sore throat are combined to make a convenient instant beverage you can take to work or enjoy anytime. Protect your vitality. It is wise to increase your liquides and rest during flu season. Flu Away! is a safe effective way to do this. Make colds and flu fly away!

Ingredients: honeysuckle flowers, forsythia, peppermint, schizonepeta buds, and isatis root.

Preparation: Pour one cup of boiling water over teh contents of one packet or dissolve one packet in a glass of juice. For stronger flavor and effects use two packets.

Directions: Adults can use three to five packets daily as needed. Children under 12 can use up to half the recommended dose. discontine if diarrhea develops. Avoid during pregnancy. You can combine it with Yin/Yang Sisters Clean Habits or Breathe Free.


Romantic High is a delicious, high energy instant beverage that works best for men adn women who want more from romance than books and movies can offer. Romantic High reduces fatigue and backache while it improves loving energy. Used regularly, it may light the fires of passion with safe herbs long recommended as sexual tonics. Do not use this tea during colds, heahache or fever.

Ingredients: morinda, curculigo, epimedium, ligustrum, dodder seed, astragalus, cistanche, myrrh, and eucommia bark.

Preparation: Pour once cup of boiling water over the contents of one packet or dissolve one packet in a glass of juice. For stronger flavor and effects use two packets.

Directions: Romantic High instant Beverage can be enjoyed anytime as a delicous engergizing tea. Recommended: one to three packets daily as needed. Experience a naturally satisfying lift.


Is there too much of you to love? Do you put on pounds just looking at food? Do weightloss diets BORE you? Get Svelte! adn watch your trobles melt away! Made with 100% natural herbs with no caffeine or harsh stimulants. Get Svelte! strengthens metabolishm and improves vitality. With meals or at the gym, power up and Get Svelte!

Ingredients: hawthorn fruit, alisma, cassia seed, salvia root, gui zhen, cao, and gui jian yu.

Preparation: Pour one cup of boiling water over teh contents of one packet or dissolve one packet in a glass of juice of bowl of soup. For stronger flavor and effects use two packets. Add a twist of lemon if you prefer.

Directions: Get Svelte! Instant Beverage makes an invigorating tea for morning of afternoon with or between meals. Avoid weightloss beverages at bedtime. Use no more than two packets daily. Get Svelte! is not recommended for headache, dizziness or colds.


A clear glowing complexion free of blemishes and wrinkless is the natural result of good health. According to traditional Chiness medicine,the basis of good look is vitality.Gorgeous You Instant Beverge contains deep cleansing and innune-enhancing herbs combined with herbs that increase your circulation in order to promote good look and sex appeatl. It is wise to increase your liquid intake as part of a cleansing program.Gorgeous You is a satisfying way to do this.This healthful beverage can be enjoyed anytime as part of a natural beauty program designed to keep you radiant, young and strong. Look and feel gorgeous at any age!

Ingredients: astragalus, poria, atractylodes, salvia, chinaberry fruit, reishi mushroom, curcuma root,oldeniandia, artemisia, and gardenia bud.


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take 2 bottles a day

According to modern medicine, Energy and mental capacity are directly related to the health of the brain. TCM, however, from ancient times has perceived energy and mental capacity as aspects of heart functions. Recently a TCM hospital in China has started manufacturing an oral liquid that has been clinically observed to enhance energy mental capacity. The ingredients used are all organically raised in the Chang Bai Mountains, which is widely recognized in China for being a fertile land that yields superior herbal ingredients. The formula has been used since ancient times and has been historically tested for efficacy in balancing the heart channel to quiet and empower the spirit, nourish the heart and enrich the liver and kidneys, thereby enhancing clear thought processes. The manufacturing employs modern procedures and technologies that ensure uniform high quality and purity. Qi Zhi Ling Oral Liquid has been observed to benefit people with problems such as mild brain damage, Alzheimer's disease, insomnia and amnesia. It has helped children be more focused and calm in school; it has improved memory and recall in the aged, as well as in middle aged office workers; it has made people who easily get burned out just feel good.


25 grams per bottle. take 1 grams per day as a health supplement.

Lingzhi is use for chronic disease as well as a longevity tonic. The Japanese ,there known as reishi, prevention of cancer as well as complementary treatment for cancer, helping to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation or chemotherapy.This edible mushroom has been prized for its tonic and therapeutic value for thousands of years. It is used to reduce cholesterol and to fortify the immune system.ling zhi contains polysaccharides, including the all-important Beta-1,3-D-glucan, which powerfully activates the human immune system. It has been shown to have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and liver protective qualities. Scientific research has demonstrated that lingzhi has significant antitumor effects and has also been shown to have cardiovascular benefits. For centuries , the Empires hunting and treasure,Lingzhi,or Ganoderma, as very secrete miracle remedy to keep their appearance to be attractive on their skin and body. Considered a tonic for prolonging beauty, because the fact of Ganoderma is a very useful tonic depeting skin diseases, putrefy blood artery. Ganoderma is the first herbal treasure to recommend for woman's health. . Use as a general tonic for preventing illness, recovering from illness, surgery . To enhancing the immune system.It has been shown to oxygenate the blood.It wildly use as a tonic during cancer,AID.

Lin Sister brand LINGZHI is different than other brand, because most of product is grounded powder which it hardly degister in human body. lin sister is a extrac and 100% digestable and 12 : 1 ratio concentrated.


The Changing Season Soup is used to work on strenthening the spleen and lung's immune system for you to adapt the changing weather easier. When the season changes from humid to dry, dry to cold, and cold to warm, it's likely to bother the lung and spleen frequently, which causes upper respiratory and digestional problems.Changing Season Soup moistens the lung and cleans the toxic in the liver and the heart, nurishing the spleen. In conclusion, you will have a better system that can keep away from flu during the changing seasons.

one package of . Changing Season Soup is engouth for five people's serving.



7.50 blt.capluse

$100/oz. raw herbs

Cordyceps is one of the legendary magic herb. A special growth envivorment made a unique quality of for endurance of life capacity. It was a valuable for sport enhancement,specially in a lung exhaustion sport (high aptitude sport and marathon),always is precious tonic for herbal supplement for competitive athletes,because it was a great contribution to the lung and kidney funtion. Unlikelly other heating tonic, Cordyceps is a yin tonic,so consider a no side-affect and can long term used tonic.We are highly recommend for those who workout in gym and ever-day runner to improve the constitution to make their effort become more rewarding!

no restriction to use,all sex and all age is recommended.In market Guinness herbs is always more expensive than other form (capsules or liquid). or use 1/3 oz.each time make a chicken soup for dinner and at least boid for a hour making a tea to drink.

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Chinsee find out that the pear good for the lung, because their believe pear can moistens the lung and throat.Most of chronic cough is dry cough,with signs of thirst or dry mouth.this version comes as a thick pear jelly,rather than a syrup, and it can be dilu

ted with hot water to make a beverage.also helpful to soothe sore throat and to benefit hoarse throat.

Ingredients: lai-yang pear,apricot seed,licorice,platycodon,lily,glehnia,polygala root,mentha leaf.

Rou Gu Cao is a popular meat-cooking formula .This formula contains some herbs with good flavor and appropriated property. Fennel fruit and cinnamon bark is used to open the energy channels of the body. It has a warming effect and invigorates the local body and the nerves. It's stimulating effects on the lower abdomen and genital area are qualifying. Asparagus roots and polygonatum rhizome are used as the Yin tonic to help the heart and lung. It is for moistening any dryness in the body, it specially moistens the throat and vocal cord. In this formula, they are to serve balance-warming ingredients as well as it absorbs or diminishes the bloody meat smells. Dang Gui and ligusticum are part of the blood-building components of this formula. Men as well as women benefit from strong blood vitalizing as well as to absorb or diminish the bloody meat smells.

Gynostemma Tea contains more than eighty different gypenosides. This is the broadest range of saponins in one plant out of nature. These gypenosides are very similar to the ginsenosides of ginseng and to the Siberian Ginseng. The similarities are so close and so extensive that Gynostemma Tea is now called "Southern Ginseng." To the local people who grow it and consume it, it is simply called "Five leaf Magical Tea." In China, Gynostemma Tea is a major aid in weight control programs. It will help reduce weight in overweight people, As a diet herb, it helps by accelerating the body's metabolism. It also helps adjust blood sugar and reduce blood fat. Adjusting blood sugar and blood fat are critical steps in attaining healthy metabolic functions. Gynostemma Tea has been shown to have profound effects at reducing simple obesity. Chinese studies indicate that Gynostemma lowers low density lipoprotein (LDL---"bad cholesterol") while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL---"good cholesterol"). Its total efficacious rate has reached 94.8% after pharmaceutical and clinical application. It also exerts the effects of fat metabolism accommodation, lipoid peroxide depression and fat sediment reduction in the blood vessels. Therefore, Gynostemma Tea is efficacious against arteriosclerosis, coronary heart diseases,and simple obesity. It has been found that athletes who consume Gynostemma Tea put on more lean muscle than those who do not, probably due to the high saponin content of Gynostemma. Athletes find that their appetites are actually improved and that assimilation is much more efficient.

One tea pack (equal to 3 grams of raw Gynostemma) eaxh time,Drink 5 or 6 times a day,

Calming & Purifing Tea can be used in all seasons.The chrysanthemum clears the lung and liver,and adds a sweet flavor to the tea. The lotus pumule clears the heart in the heart meridian, the hawthorn berry removes the digestional stagnation, the lycum berry nourishes the liver and hamernizes the cleaning efforts and adds a sweet taste and a beautiful color to the tea.