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Y.k Male Tonic fires up the kidney's yang energy as well as strengthening the kidney's yin energy. Manifests the principal of "yin and yang mutually are dependent".Y.K.Male Tonic is a classical formula of yang tonic. Because your energy is well balanced of"fire and water" it goes to the root of the problem, therefore;yang energy is able to boost harmony with yin energy supporting, so it can be used as a food supplement for a long period of time.Y.K.Male Tonic is used for chronic deficiency of the kidney's energy causing lower back pain or weaknesses, weak knees,or impotence..

Ingredients: Raw rehmannia, cinnamon bark, cornus, eucommia, lycium berry, aconite, dioscorea, cuscuta, cervus.

$ 15.00/100capsules

BODY BUILDER is a herbal formula that builds up the central energy and your spirit. The central energy nourishes the resource of the muscles,tendons, and bones.It is a helpful supplement when a person is going under intensive physical excercises with mental concentration ( like Qigon and Yoga ).Or you can use the BODY BUILDER for systemic deficiencies affecting vitality and gait, including fatigue, weak or inflexible muscles,unsteadiness,muscle atrophy,numbness or tingling of muscles,and poor focucing and memory.These ingredients of the fomula are very gental, so you can use them all season.

INGREDIENTS: Red peony,Rehmannia,Drynaria fortunei,Cibot Rhizome, Cyathula root,Eucommia Bark,Acorus rhizome,Ginkgo biloba.

$25.00 /100capsules

MUSCLES HELPER is a special warming tonic herbal formula, which tries to boost the spleen and kidney energy system.Chinese herbalists believe that the spleen system benefits muscle flexibility and the kidney's yang energy which benefits your explosive power, and the kidney's yin energy benefits the bone marrow.These warming herbs speed the blood circulation and removes blood stagnation and fat in the mucles so it can promote better physical performance.The formula is good to take occasionally when extra strength is needed and it is also good to take when it is winter time.

INGREDIENTS: Deer antler,Notoginshen,Red rensheng,Milletia,Cnidium, Clematis.

Dosage: take 3 capsules, three times a day.

$ 15.00 /100capsules

IRON PALM formula comes from an iron palm training master's experience.It supports the trainee to adopt the intensive punching exercises with the hot sand, and helps you avoid injuries during training course.It srengthens the bones and muscles,hardens the skin,and prevents inflammation,subducing swelling and relieving pain.


ADMINISTRATION: Soak hands with the liniment about 2 minutes before and after the training.

$15.00 /100capsules

505 Mighty Vitality Belt

The 505 Mighty Vitality Belt is made with a specially selected mixture of more than 50 precious natural herbs, the product is prepared with a reference to the Chinese medical theory. A better bodily circulation is produced when the belt is tied closely around the waist with the medicine core of the Belt attached to the navel. This circulation develops vital energy, boosts life essence, balances negative yin energy and positive yang energy as a principle in nature as well as it supports the health energy and excretes the ill energy. It also raises the power of immunity from diseases, warms and improves kidneys, activates blood circulation, improves the liver, spleen and stomach, eliminates phlegm ,relieves asthma, and solves constipation. 505 Mighty Vitality Belt, therefore, is helpful to those who have a deficiency of vital engery and blood, weakness in limbs, exhaustion and hurt in organs, stomach chill and abdominal distension. It is also beneficial to people who have: nephritis, dropsy, decreasing in sexual function,frequent micturition,asthma, neurasthenis dysmenorhoea, morbid leucorrhoea, menoxenia, sterility,lumbago, and coronary heart diseases, etc.

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The Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid warms the kidneys and supplies the kidney vacuity, as well as regulating yin and yang. More specifically it replenishes essences and boosts the marrow, supplies the kidney's yin, secures the kidney's yang, energizes the kidneys system and sexual organs, rectifies qi and frees the vessels. Practitioners of TCM are encouraged to review the ingredients to determine if this product is the best of combining balance, tonicfying, and amending the person's kidney system. The Imperial Cistanche Oral Liquid can also be helpful for people with concerns such as; Frequent urination; cold hands and feet,and impotence. The kidney is also considered to be very important to a good gynecological health, so this product may be helpful for some women with health concerns such as; Irregular menstruation; infertility.
$15.00 /100capsules

Xiong Gen Jiao Nang is a secret fellow formula that circulates from northen China. Collecting the most precious ingredient from the region(northen China). This formula strengthens the male character and body and the brain. Ingredients:A donkey's kidney, Seahorse,the donkey's heel geneton,and ginseng.The formula tonifies the yang energy and the kidney.It is used for the deficiency of a kidney's yang energy causing a lack of sexual appetite and impotence, failure to maintain an erection, spermatorrhea, or faidti after sexual activity. Dosage: use the regular strength 2 capsules each time, twice a day. Use the high strength one hour before sex.

$15.00/20 capsules

Mocrea Tai-sheng Capsules is an immunopoteniator,it can be used to all kinds of declined immunity,weaknesses of long illnesses,and as an assistant remedy for cancer and the B type of virus hepatitis.Clinical statistics show that Mocrea is very helpful to rise the white and T cells, while the patient is undergoing chemal therepy.

Ingredient: Ginshen,engelica,lycium berry etc.

Dosage: one or two capsules,twice a day.

$15.00/20 capsules

Cordyceps is one of the legendary magical herbs. A special growth environment made a unique quality for endurance of life capacity. It was valuable for sport enhancements,specially in a lung exhaustion sport (high atitude sport and marathon),this is always a precious tonic for herbal supplement for competitive athletes,because it was a great contribution to the lung and kidney function.Unlikely the other heating tonics, Cordyceps is a yin tonic,so it is considered a no side-affect herb and it can go on for a long term.We are highly recommended for those who workout in gym and an ever-day runner to improve the constitution to make their effort become more rewarding!

Cordyceps capsules make it afforable to evryone.t no restriction to use,all sex and all age is recommended, take 2 to 4 capsule a aday.


$15.00/20 capsules

Ten Complete (For male) Soup was used since the Song dynasty.People use this formula supplement for energy and blood. The formula contains energy tonic and blood tonic.Blood generates the energy and energy moves the blood. They are mutually beneficial as well as they are dependent.The formula is used for general maintenance. Ingredients: CODONOPSIS,ASTRAGALI,ASTRAGALI, PAEONIAE,ATRACTYLODIS,PORIAE, COOKED REHMANNIAE,CHINESE ANGELICA, LIGUSTICUM,LICRORECE,DATES

Instructions:mix with about 3 lbs.of organic chicken meat and twelve cups of water, then boil it for 2 hours to make a soup(enough for six servings) or you can boil the soup without meat to make six cups of tea, then take one or two cups a day.


Kanlisha is a herbal plaster(not adhesive).Kanlisha is used externally for sore muscules,torn tissues,rheumatism,arthritis,or abdominal pain.Directions: Carefully take out the inner pad , shake it for 10 minutes or until the bag is warm (not hot. it will increase temperature by itself after shaking so be alert for the increasing temperature and adjust the position to prevent skin burn.The average temperture is 65c, 55c duration for 20 hours.)
$ 5.00/bottle

White Tiger Liniment was developed by a famous gong-fu master in the Xiao Lin Temple.The formula was handed down for many generations. It promotes Qi circulation and removes obstruction in the collaterals, which speeds the blood circulation and strengthens muscles; used to heal and cool the new injuries, ligaments and muscles of joints with bruising and swelling.

Ingredients: myrrh,safflower,frankincense,biota tops red peony,dragon's blood,Eupolyphaga,cloves,pyritum,ER CHA,EXTC. ADMINISTRATION: APPLY THE LINIMENT TO THE INJURIED AREA 2 OR 3 TIMES ADAY.

for external use only


Qing Tan Su is used for chronic coughs. It is used for heat, marked by a ratting(dry) cough,expectoration of yellow phlegm,difficult breathing,and exophageal congestion.It is also used for acute and chronic phlegm, brochitis,asthma,emphysema,and smokers' cough.The formula is to transform phlegm,clear heat,tonify qi,and relieve cough.

Ingredient:Fritillaria fruit,serpenti,cordyceps

$7.50/120 pills

Kang Wei Ling is an affordable male tonic of sexual maintenance.It used for the:

kidney deficiency of blood and jing causing the impotence,unsatisfaction of an erection,or weak sexual energy.


Packing and Dosage: 120 pills /bottle, take 10 pills each time,2 times a day.

$ 42.00/btl.

Shuan Ton Ling is a new version of sport liniment used for chronic sport injury or soreness due to a cold damp sydrome.It is used to invigorate blood,remove the blood stasis,dredges and opens the channels and collateral. It is also useful for Rheumatism,arthritis,neuralgia,shoulder and lumbar pain.

Ingredients:Rheum,camphor,carthamus,gardenia,red peony,arisaema tuber,raw pinellia,zanthoxylum,chaenomeles fruit,sweetgum fruit,cat-tail pollen, etc.

Direction:spray on the area 3 times, wrap with patch for 15 minutes,than massage for a while.Repeat the procedure 3 times a day. External use only.


Pill For Invigorating Spleen and Intestines is used for chronic colitis and ulcerative colitis.It is a TCM formula, used to strengthen the spleen and stomach,stringing the intestine to arrest diarrhea,and stop bleeding and pain.

Contradiction: heat in the gastrointestine,common cold with fever .

And if you uncertain with the hot or cold type of you system,please ask you herbalist before buying the formula.


Anti-Osteophyte is used for bone (heel) spurs due to stagnation of qi and blood. Application for the rheumatoid arthritis and information on the foot.

Ingredients: Saffron Flower, cooked Chuan Wu, processed Arisaema Tuber, cooked Pinedllia, Mume, and Long Pepper.

Instructions: Use the right amount of vinegar and than heat it up to lukewarm, than empty the contents into vinegar and stir untill well mixed. Soak the area for 20 minutes..

$ 8.00/blt

Injury Powder is a herbal mixture that can be made into a paste for the injury or the arthritis area. It is used to increasing blood circulation,remove the stasis,warm up and open the meridians and collateral.Unlike the liniment, which may be made of the same formula as the powder, by becoming a paste it is considered more effective because the time of contact to the area is longer.

Administration:For external use only.Mix the powder with enough alcohol(75% Proved) to make a paste and apply to the area.

Ingredients: T.B. Safflower, Duck feet grass, Eupolyphaga, Dragon's blood, Cat's Claw, Myrrh, and Frankincense,

$ 9.95/BTl
Morinda and Cistanches are warming herbs .This combination is an excellent yin Yang balance. They are the most yin tonic found in the yang tonic. This special and unique quality makes this combination highly nutritious and the finest athletes herb, because the fact is that some times we want to increase energy more than just sexually, and Morinda and Cistanches are able to create such balance while powering up the energy and converts the energy according to which organs are being arouse. When the Kidney Yin and Yang are strong and balanced, a person can flourish, and become high in spirit, creative, minded, nimble, and radian. The Morinda and Cistanches are important pair components, we discovered from serious formulas for strengthening the body. It is widely used since it is not only powerful but extremely well tolerated by almost every one, men and woman, elderly and the youth.