$ 15.00/pc.
The Gu Sha scraper is made naturally by Chinese water buffalos or by sheeps' horns. According to traditional Chinese myths, the Gu Sha ensures that there is no static electricity during the procedure so that the Gu Sha scraper can help the body's circulation to expel the cold and damp evil. It activates the meridians and tendons, and also balances the body's Qi energy due to its effectiveness. The Gu Sha scraper is very popular in Chinese families. It is also commonly used for the health partitioner as a tool for massages and it is a very important part of acupuncture system. Directions: Place Gu Sha oil (can be substituted by die da liniment) to the selected acupuncture point. Hold the Gu Sha plant 45 degrees from the surface of the body. Gently scrape the skin until it turns dark red.(if the scraping lasts for more than 5 minutes and the skin does not turn dark-red,it says that not much toxin is in that particular area, which in this point you may choose an other acupuncture point). Or you may chose a different treatment,try to avoid or be very gently scraping the bony area and use a dull kind of scraper(like the horn scraper) and re-apply oil when the application seems to be sluggish, dark -red meat. The toxin (the stagnation-of chi) is expeled out of the body system. If correctly chosen at the right point ,the Gusha is a very successful treatment for cold and arthritis. Cautions: Gusha may cause a bruise on your body for several day, always alert your doctor.
$ 20.00/pc.
The 505 MAGIC VITALITY BELT, made with a special selected mixture of more than 50 precious natural herbs, is a product prepared according to the Chinese herbal theory. A better bodily circulation is produced when the belt is tied closely around the waist with the herb's core of the belt attached to the navel. This circulation develops vital energy, boosts life essence, balances yin and yang principles in nature as well as it supports the health energy and expels the ill energy. It also raises the power of immunity from diseases, warms kidney meridians, activates blood circulation, improves the liver,the spleen and stomach, eliminates phlegm and smoothes asthma,and solves constipation. 505 MAGIC Vitality Belt,therefor, is helpful to those who have a deficiency of vital energy and blood,a weakness in limbs, exhausted and hurt organs, stomach chills and abdominal discomfort. It is also beneficial to people who have nephritis, dropsy, decreasing in sexual function, impotence, frequent urination, obesity, asthma, neurasthenia dysmenorhoea, morbid leucorrhoea, menoxenia, sterility, oviduct infection, lumbago, and coronary heart diseases, etc.
Aoqili Seaweed Soap is manufactured according to the principle of traditional Chinese T.C.M. with other natural plants.The main ingredient is seaweed.Seaweed contains many kinds of trace elements,vitamins and minerals.It brings a special agent to detoxi our body,osmosis skin,promote blood circulation and metabolism,and take off the fat from the applied area. The soap keeps the skin tender and slender.The soap is nonpoisonous and nonirritant with very simple applications: rub the unhealthy fat area with the soap several times when you bath. Good results will be achieved after this for 3 pieces of soap.
$ 38.00/20 set.

The new cupping instrument is easier to operate,and you can observe through the transparent palastic material.It is safer to use since it doesn't operate with fire , so there is no worry of burning your skin.This new cupping instrument brand has a new device that makes the pressure inside seem like a vacuum instrument that can be adjusted at any time. In addition, this instrument comes in many different sizes that are available for any part of the body. This instrument's set also includes a pistol grip hand pump.

15 piece $28.00/set 20 piece $38.00 /set

$ 150.00/set
Haci Five Elements Needle develops the theories of T.C.M, with its name originating in the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic.It is a combination of five therapies,such as acupuncture and moxibustion,acupoint pressing,agnetic treatment,negative pressure and herbal osmosis.It stimulates the rival those of traditional acupunture,moxibustion and massage. It also has the effects of regulating a biological electromagnetic field, activating enzyme and improving immunity.This device is easy to use by one's self.
$10.00 /each
Magnetic Cup is a drink article that may cure and protect the health without resorting to medicine or surgical operation. Its magnetic source is the arc segment magnet, which is produced with the advanced equipment and technique. The scientific design leads to a stable and strong magnetic field in which the drinks are fully magnetized. The physical property of water has been changed. Tested by experiments, the magnetized water has a stronger dissolving ability. It can soften and dissolve the accumulation of materials in the blood vessel, take part in the prevention and cure of heart diseases, such as arteriosclerosis. And it also can make the calculus dissolved. Thus calculusis is alleviated and eliminated. The magnetized water is stronger than oxygen's dissolving ability. It can promote body metabolism because of the increasment of the water is of higher oxygen content. Tested by the vast amount of clinical reports, magnetized water treated by the Magnetic Cup has clearer curative effect on calculusis, hypertension, high blood fat and constipation. It is also demonstrated that magnetized water can prevent arteriosclerosis, improve the capillary circulation and strengthen the immunity of organism. By using the Magnetic Cup, you will benefit the effect of such a magnificent device and enjoy it as a health protection.

Small magnets (for ear) 50piece $ 5.50

Regular magnets 20 piece $ 4.50

800 gauss magnets(non-plated) 12 piece $ 3.50

800 gauss magnets(gold plated) 12piece $ 4.00

smoklees moxa is beter for indoor pratice.produces less smoke and odor.Uniform and slow burning.each box contian 6 pieces $4.00/BOX

For professional use only

KWD-808-II Multiple Purpose Health Device.It features (1)Asistong point detecting.(2)pulse electric therapy (3)electro needle therapy (4)pulse electromagnetic therapy (5)massage therapy (6)electro exercise (7) timing. It 4 independently controlled output channels which provide stimulation to 8 needles. Power by 9 volt DC and 110 volt AC.

$150 / set

300cm male accupture modle 90.00

50cm male accupture modle $20.00

48cm female acupture modle $24.00

All "posed" models made from plastic shows have 14 meridians and 360 acupunture points. If you use the standrd English acupuncture nomenclature (ie,st 34),47 extra ordinary points are shown mounted on a wood stand( the point booklet is included).


pig accuptuer modle $28.00

cow accupture modle $28.00

Mounted on a 3"x8" woodstand.one side shows acupuncture points numbered. The other side shows the muscle,internal tissure.A point location booklet is included.

Moxa Extinguishers for moxa rolls(fit for regular and smokeless rolls) $5.00

Brass burner- for loss moxa.1.6"x2"x1.1 chamber can generating stronger heat for the treament give patient a comfortable sensation.With a 6.3"handle. $ 7.00

ear accupture picture,larminated $12.00each.

The pure chinese tradition(paper cover) moxa rolls are made for indirect treatment.It is made to warm meridians and expel the stagnation and to strengthen the yang energy from collapsing.10 pieces per box.each approximately 8"x 0.75"dia.

Bamboo cupping jars come with a set of 3 hand made bamboo fire cupping cup. Bamboo cups have an advantage of preventing skin burn,long lasting of use,and it is also good for beginners to use.

Stick-on moxa offers a uniform of hot heat indirect moxa.It consists of a 0.4"x0.2" dia rolled cylinder of pure moxa on a pentagon shaped sticky base which adheres to the patient's body,so it allows performing moxa treatment to several locations at the same time.A hole in the base allows the moxa heat to warm the treated area.

box of 120 piece $9.50



TDP CQ-27 HEAT LAMP is use a emission heating plate which is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 33 elements.this mineral plate emits a special band of far infrared electromagnetic energy which penetrates deep into the human body.The human body (cells)has a higher absorption efficiency for far infrared energy than near infrared.The emission head can be positioned as low as 12"(for treating feet)to 60".A timer is included.



Physical Therapy Strike Ball

Combines massage, magnetic,and acup-presure,chose corresponding TCM.acupuncture point,Physical Therapy Strike Ball is Good for work on yourself or work with others. By adding herbs(like cinnamon)on the ball to excllerate functions medical properties. dispelling the wind,activating the meridians,One ball strike the others prolong the presure so striking action continously substain.

15 fuctional area is illustrate in instruction.

strike acup-presure
strike with medicine

Herbal tea cooking tea-pot

It is made from natural clay, free from chemicals reaction. $8.00 each


single head


Far Infrared Mineral lamp features a Large magnetic black plate, coated with a proprietary

mineral formation consisting of 33 elements important for human body. And its Far Infrared

Ray ranges from 2-15 microns and 28-34 mw/sq.cm in intensity "FIM lamp" looks like a lamp,

but does not deliver any visible light but Far infrared Rays, Mineral Formation. It was introduced

into clinics, homes and widely used by doctors around the world including USA The CPT Code

97026 can be used by HEALTH INSURANCE for reimbursement as a far infrared Single- head magic lamp.

$ 175.00 / set


single head

$ 225.00 / set

Zhoulin Bio-Spectrum lamp


The Zhoulin Bio-Spectrum Apparatus or also known as Bio-frequency Spectrum (BFS) Apparatus

is an invention which is believed to provide natural therapy that will cure diseases without medicine.

The Bio-Spectrum treatment device is a new type of Mineral infrared device invented in China. Unlike

conventional infrared therapeutic devices, this device features a plate coated with a proprietary mineral

formation consisting of 33 elements. When heated by an electric heating element, this mineral plate

emits a special band of electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2-50 microns which simulate the

Bio-Spectrum waves released by the human body itself. Through irradiating directly the affected parts of

the body, both physical and biological reactions can be achieved for health care and cure. Zhoulin, the

inventor, revealed that the human body emits various types of energy: light, heat, and magnetic field,

and these energy comes out in combination with certain frequency, known as Bio-spectrum. When one

falls sick, the Bio-spectrum will be weakened. As such, the device radiates EM wave within the

Bio-spectrum range to replenish the weakened Bio-spectrum. The Bio-Spectrum Treatment Device is

helpful in various disorders

via its 5 main functions:

Improve blood and other body fluids circulation

Enhance metabolism

Regulate and balance nervous system

Strengthen cells and body fluids immune system

Regulate internal secretions (hormones, enzymes etc)

2-way self-regulation As human body is irradiated, the thermal and non-thermal biological effects

can be produced and act on the tissues and organs resulting in a two-way beneficial regulation

effectiveness (stimulating or inhibiting biophysical and biochemical reaction of the human body accordingly).

Applecation: Bronchitis , Duodenal ulcer , Enteritis , Prostatitis , Cervicitis Body Care Help a deep

natural sleep , Enhance absorptionof the cosmetic cream, slimming cream and plaster, Adjust the

sex hormone of the aged people to slow down the aging process Kill the pain Cervical vertebra disease,

Scalpulohumeral periarthritis, Toothache, Lumbago and leg pain Sport injury Spraim , Lumbar muscle

strain ,Soft tissue injury ,Resist against fatigue Cure skin diseases Herpes zoster , Neurodermatitis ,

Wound healing , Bedsore , Bedsore , Slight burn, Frostbite , Lower limb ulcer