Tong Feng Ling / Capsules for Rheumatism & Osteoporosis last update 06-2014

Description: This product is produced by scientific production method & over thirty quality Chinese herbs are used. It is good for rheumatism and Osteoporosis. No side effect.

Indications: Rheumatism, Arthralgia, Gout, Osteoporosis, Headache, Pain of shoulder and back, Soreness of Loins, Pain of imbus & ischium.

Ingredients: Caulis Spatholobi, Xue Song Guo, Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Cortex Eucommiae, Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum, Cortex Cinnamomi, Radix Notoginseng, Moschus, etc.

Dosage: 3 times daily, 1 to 2 capsules per time. A course of treatment is one week for slight pain and 3 weeks for serious pain.

Specification: 36 capsules/bottle.

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