Yang Tai Su Zi Run Shuang / Placenta Whitening Moisturizing Cream last update 06-2014

Functions£º Increases the active growth and restoration of living tissue. Make dry skin soft and smooth. Helps heal all sizes of cuts and injuries - even severe ones! Helps to decrease the formation of scar tissue! Helps make skin health and beautiful. Whitening (lightening) skin color, to cover up cuts and scars like make-up. Extra nutrition and vitamins.

1. Natural sheep placenta is rich in amino acid, hormone and glycogen, and it can promote metabolism, help cellular growth, nourish and activate skin and effectively delay aging process as well as tighten skin, leaving skin flexible and smooth.
2. Special added PT-40 liquorices extract and refined vitamin C effectively restrain the vigor of tyrosinase enzyme, prevent the information of pigmentation and improve dull, yellow, dry and rough skin texture, offering beautiful and glowing skin tone.
3. Light-weight in texture, it is gentle, moisturizing and irritation free, and gives you fantastic skincare enjoyment.

Directions: after cleansing and toner, apply appropriate amount on your face evenly, slightly massage till full absorption.

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