Hai Gou Lu Bian Wan / Imperial & Superior Sea Dogs Pills last update 06-2014

Indications: Impotence, erection problems, hyposexuality; Premature ejaculation, premature senile; Sterility, male infertility; Weakness of the low back and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, senility, general weakness; Low sexual energy / desire.

Functions: Replenishes semen, boosts your energy batteries, enriches marrow, reinforces heart and spleen, strengthens tendons and bones, and thus leads all the other ingredients of the prescription to concentrate and stimulate the vital essence and energy so as to bring up the Yin and Yang energies and strengthen the secretion of the sexual glands and the functions of male genitals.

Ingredients: Eucommia bark, epimedium brevicornum plant, panax ginseng root, cordyceps sinensis fruiting body, polygonum multiflorum root, poria cocos, angelica sinensis, codonopsis pilosula, rehmannia glutinosa raw, rehmannia glutinosa cooked.

Specification: 240 pills/bottle. Dosage: 2 times daily, 4 pills per time, before meal.

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