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Zhenzhu Mo, Pearl Powder

Calms shen (spirit), clears heat toxin, brightens the eyes, and regenerates tissue. Use for pediatric shen disturbances marked by insomnia, palpitation, fright and nervousness. Also for fever causing irritability, insomnia, hallucination and thirst, or causing blood heat symptoms of rash or nose bleed. Application can be both internal and external for bloodshot eyes. Apply topically to reduce the redness of boils and carbuncles, and to promote the healing of wounds.

Female Balance: This is a blend of Pearl powder and Chinese extracts and standardized herb botanicals combined with critical nutrients which are important for optimal female balance. These herbs are known to help relieve stagnant blood and support deficiencies in Yin Qi (Female vital energy) and is useful for women's problems at all ages.

Skin: Nutritional experts will tell you that in addition to nourishing our skin on the outside, we must continually feed our bodies healthy food and nutrients to support the growth of healthy new skin cells.

Also commonly use for topically canker sores ,ulcerative skin lesions, burns, and bleeding wounds.

Ingredients: Matgarita (Zhen Zhu) 100%

Packing: Boxes of 20 small vials, each with 0.3g of powder.
Doasge: Infants less than 2 year old: 1/2 to 1 vail, 1 to 2 times a day. adult: 2 vials, 1 to 2 time/s a day.

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