TIAN MA WAN / Gastrodia Pill last update 07-2014

To subdues liver yang, tonifies kidney, relive rheumatic conditions, alleviate muscle contracture, remove obstruction from collateral channels, promote blood circulation and relieve pain. Use for muscle contracture and numbness of the limbs, aching in the loins and legs. Herbalist use it to promote overall circulation, eliminated discomfort, maintain skeletal and joint healthy function.

Gastrodia rhizome 20.5mg, Achyranthes root 20.5mg, Ningpo Figwort root 20.5mg, Eucommia bark 24mg, Rhizoma Dioscoreae 20.5mg, Notopterygium root 36mg, Foxglove root 54.7mg
Tang Kwei root 36mg, Herba Duhuo root 17.3mg

Prohibited during pregnancy

DOSAGE: Take 9 pills, 2 times a day PACKING: 100 pills per bottle.

MANUFACTURED: Min-Kang Drug Manufacturer; Yichang


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