Strengthens the spleen, stems counterflow of stomach qi, dispels dampness, and disperses wind. Used for a wide range of child disorders due to indigestion, food stasis and accumulation. Effective against restlessness, insomnia, gum pain and nappy rash associated with teething. Also used for urinary tract infection, mouth ulcers or other infection caused by heat. Can used for general restlessness, night crying, common cold, runny nose, insomnia or restless sleep, and fearfulness.

Ingredients: Coix (Yi Yi Ren) , Oryza (Gu Ya), Crataegus (Shan Zha), Lophatherum (Dan Zhu Ye), Uncaria (Gou Teng), Cicada (Chan Tui) , Glycyrrhiza (Gan Cao)

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Packing: Boxes of 12 vials of liquid, each with 7 g.

Dosage: Under 2 years: Take 1/2 vial, 1 to 3 time/s per day, 2 to 3 Years: Take 2/3 vial, one to 3 time/s per day, Over 3 years: take 1 vial, one to 3 time/s per day

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