A True Story of Lin Sister

20 Years Ago, a Young Sister, Lin was desperate, often an exposure to poison ivy, her hands and face became swollen and painful. A new immigrant, she could not afford hundreds of dollars for hospital and medicine fee. From her childhood in china, she knew honeysuckle could help many dermatological conditions and she found some near her home , She boiled the honeysuckle and drank the fragrant tea as well as applying the remedy to her face and hands. Within two hours the pain and the swellings subsided. Many days if not weeks of agony were avoided. Soon she realized , if Ancient Chinese Medicine Knowledge could help her , it could help a great many who are chronically and acutely sick. Lin sister herb Shop was opened with the goal to help those frustrated and impoverished by traditional medical care. With the wildest selection of patent formulas, as well as the filling of custom herbal prescriptions.

Lin Sister is credo of Courtesy, Quality, and affordability.